Master of Science in Computer and Information Science Degree-MS- CIS

 What is the joint program in CIS between Marquette University and St. Xavier’s College?

The program combines the Computing Career Change Opportunity (COSMIC) track in the MS-CIS degree at Marquette University with the strength in Liberal Arts and Ethics at Saint Xavier’s College. It allows Indian nationals with a background in the Sciences, Commerce, or Management and Business Administration to train for a career in Information Technology at two fellow Jesuit universities. A semester in Mumbai is followed by four semesters at Marquette University. Admission is administered jointly by both institutions. The program allows an Integrated Practicum specialization at Marquette with up to four graduate credit hours of integrated practicum, normally one credit per semester, where each credit hour requires about 100 hours of effort. After graduation, students can apply for a STEM Optional Practical Training (OPT) extension of up to 24 months to gain real-world experience. 

What is Computer and Information Science?

Computer and Information Science is a broad-based family of disciplines that includes computer science, computer engineering, software engineering, information systems and information technology

 What is the Mission of the MS-CIS program?

The Mission of the MS -CIS program is to prepare Global Technology and Business Leaders of tomorrow. We produce critical thinkers who have a solid understanding of fundamental concepts and theory, in leadership, Ethics, Information Science and Technology, enabling them to continually expand and apply their foundational knowledge to ever-changing technologies and practices.

 By offering a wide range of courses, flexible structure, personalized attention, and a choice of career focus, we provide opportunities to individuals with vastly differing backgrounds and goals.

 Please give an Overview of the Plan of Studies? 

Students in the Master of Science in Computer and Information Science with an Integrated Practicum specialization choose one primary focus and one secondary focus. Students complete up to four graduate credit hours of integrated practicum, normally one credit per semester, where each credit hour requires about 100 hours of effort. 

Marquette University is committed to help students find practicum placements for each of the three semesters at Marquette University and has allocated resources for this purpose. After graduation, students will have the possibility to stay in the US to complete an internship or gain work experience with an Optional Practical Training (OPT) extension or a STEM OPT extension, which allows them to work in the US for up to 12 months (OPT) or up to 24 months (STEM OPT). 

Why pursue an M.S. in Computer and Information Science? 

The M.S. in Computer and Information Science assists students in adding depth and breadth of computer and information science of computing technology and technology management to grow careers. 

The program is based on a strategy that includes:

What are your classes like? 

Our classes not only teach you how to use the concepts of computer science to identify strategic information technology that delivers business success but they also teach you how to advocate, develop, and deliver the technology ,in addition to building a foundation of  Leadership and Ethics.

"One of our measures of quality of instruction is what you are able to accomplish in your work perhaps several years after completing our program." --George Corliss, faculty and founding Director

Classes in IT usually meet between 5pm-8pm Monday to Thursday, making it easier for students to have a practicum during the day.

What are the Application Requirements? 

Applicants seeking enrollment in SXC and Marquette MS-CIS Program with Integrated Practicum, must submit the following:

          A minimum TOEFL score of 80 on the Internet-based version or other acceptable proof of English proficiency is required.

What are the Program Learning Outcomes? 

Upon completion of the program we expect students to be able to:

 1. Appraise relationships among a variety of practices and technologies to create integrated solutions to computer and information science problems 

2. Communicate computer and information science problems and suggested solutions to other professionals and with business clients 

3. Formulate and defend realistic and detailed designs for solutions of problems of enterprise scope 

4. Evaluate and apply common standards for technology and technology management 

Students with a background in computing are not excluded from this program but should be aware that only nine units at Mumbai can be transferred to the program at Marquette. They will however be able to choose the specialization in Information Assurance and Cyber Defense or a more software engineering-oriented set of courses. 

 Does this program qualify for STEM OPT Program? 

Yes it does. International students completing the MS-CIS degree with Integrated Practicum will be eligible for the STEM OPT Program. This allows students to continue working in the USA for two years after graduation, without the need for a H1-B visa sponsorship. 

 What is the Minimum Eligibility for Admission? 

Applicants must ideally have a BE, B.Sc , B.Com, or BBA  degree with GPA of 3 and above,and experience of 2 years, knowledge of programming and significant Leadership potential. Proficiency in spoken and written English is a must.

What are the Admission and Graduation Requirements? 

               The provisions of the conditional admission will be clearly communicated to applicants Marquette

What are the Practicum and Placement processes? 

A.   Students admitted to the MS-CIS program with the Integrated Practicum Specialization must enroll in practicum courses as required to complete the Program.

B.  Students may use paid or unpaid placement at organizations inside or outside of Marquette to fulfill the required practicum coursework, with those placements limited to half-time (20 hours/week).

C.  MU will facilitate practicum placements by identifying potential placement sites for students.

D.  Marquette does not guarantee placement in organizations outside of Marquette or compensation for practicum placements.

E. For students eligible for post-graduation work in the United States under their Visa, Marquette will provide appropriate documentation.  Marquette does not guarantee post-graduation placement.  Students must apply, interview and meet hiring criteria. 

What is the Duration of the Program? 

The MS-CIS with Integrated Practicum program has one semester in Mumbai, followed by three semesters at Marquette University.

Who awards the MS-CIS Degree? 

Marquette University awards the MS-CIS degree on successful completion of the program. St. Xavier’s College will award an XGLP Certificate of Completion, after successful completion of the term in Mumbai i.e. with a minimum GPA of 3. Unsuccessful students will not be allowed to join Marquette.

Will accomodation be provided by Marquette University?

Marquette will assist students in locating suitable accommodations but does not guarantee the availability of housing nor its proximity to the campus.

Terms and Conditions*(Subject to change)

The Joint MS-CIS programs offered by SXC Mumbai and Marquette University are subject to the following Terms and Conditions. 

1.Visa regulations and changes in Visa regulations by the US Govt.

2.Regulations and changes in regulations in STEM-OPT conditions by the US Govt.

3.Commercial Terms and Conditions and changes in commercial terms and conditions by Marquette University, Milwaukee, USA.

4.Commercial,Academic Administrative and other Terms and Conditions  and changes in terms and conditions of St. Xavier's College, Mumbai. 

5.GST and changes in GST rates by the Govt. of India.

6.One semester is equivalent to 14-17 weeks.

7.In the event that a minimum cohort size of ten eligible candidates is not possible, then the program may be deferred or discontinued by St. Xavier's College Mumbai.

What is the MS-CIS with Integrated Practicum Specialization? 

The Integrated Practicum is intended for students who want to continue their studies of computer science, computing, or software engineering on a full-time basis but wish to simultaneously start a career and possibly receive financial support for graduate school study. Students who are awarded this opportunity will be introduced to employers seeking qualified workers. 

The employers will have the opportunity to hire students who are learning about the latest in technology. Because this option integrates graduate coursework with work assignments, the student experiences the practical aspects of implementing technology. Classroom projects and assignments are certainly beneficial, but practical application provides greater benefits.

The students have the benefit of enhanced learning and completing their MS degree in less than two years. They will gain valuable work experience and may receive wages, depending on their performance, to offset graduate school expenses. To be eligible, the student must declare the intention to follow this curriculum path from the first semester in the MS in Computer and Information Science program.

The students must maintain part time employment with a participating employer throughout their studies. This option qualifies as Curricular Practical Training. International students with an F-1 visa are eligible for the integrated work assignments starting in their first semester at MU.

The practicum consists of applying knowledge gained in the course of study to a challenging assignment and reporting the results. The practicum focuses on the delivery of a practical solution to a problem faced by an organization engaged in applying computing. The problem addressed and the solution delivered can be specific to the organization sponsoring the practicum. It is typically a work assignment. The practicum requires a faculty sponsor.

This curriculum path allows students to build practical knowledge through significant job assignments while building fundamental knowledge through academics. In this unique dual-path option, students begin their professional careers while continuing to enrich their fundamental knowledge of IT and Computer and Information Science.

Computer and Information Science is a broad-based family of disciplines that includes Computer Science, Computer Engineering, Software Engineering, Information systems and Information Technology.

Leaders throughout the computer and information science industry are seeking professionals who not only understand the technology but who can act as innovators and advocates.

The MS-CIS Integrated Practicum Specialization offers all of the above with a focus on Leadership, Ethics and an integrated Practicum with select organizations.